What We Stand For

Who We Are:  

Alpha, meaning we are the first and the beginning.  Mind, We truly believe in the pursuit of climbing to the top and accomplishing something incredible. Vitamin, our products are charged up with a blend of vitamins and minerals to give you an extra charge to accomplish the day. Coffee, only from the finest of beans, we used single origin coffee beans to give you a final product so excellent you will only be destine for success! 

Our Statement:

AlphaMind Vitamin Coffee believes in preparing and inspiring people to accomplish each and every day to their fullest potential.  We want to inspire coffee drinkers to start their day out the correct way with our unique charge up vitamin coffee.  Here at AlphaMind, we stand for the people who say “one more second, one more block, one more mile, one more jump, and one less regret.”  Our coffee formula has been assembled with both your mind and body as our first priority and we believe AlphaMind will aid the drive and desire you have in achieving greatness.  We use 100% Arabica coffee beans originating from single origin countries, as well as a blend of vitamins and minerals chosen for the sustainability of your body.  We believe in high quality ingredients because fueling your body is a privilege and something we take pride in.

Our coffee:


Whats Inside?

All of our vitamins and minerals are chosen with precision and intention for your mind and body, all done to maximize your potential.  First and foremost, B Vitamins help the body to convert nutrients into energy and assist in cellular metabolism.  This means, the food you eat is able to be broken down and then used for energy to carry out your daily activities.  Potassium is important for electrolyte balance and becomes even more significant when exercise is added to a daily regimen.  Potassium also plays an important role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction.  In addition, sodium is an important electrolyte which helps to keep your muscles and nerves working properly.  Sodium does this by maintaining the electrical currents in the body, which act to stimulate contraction of the muscles, as well as support adequate nerve communication.  Lastly, iron is a key mineral in the production and function of red blood cells.  The human body needs iron to make the oxygen-carrying proteins called hemoglobin (in the blood) and myoglobin (in the muscles).  Therefore, iron is added for its key importance in transporting oxygen through the body’s cells and muscles.

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