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AlphaMind Vitamin Coffee As you might remember from a smattering of Greek studies in school, Alpha means “first.” AlphaMind Vitamin Coffee seeks to be first and best in their field so you can be first in yours. They don’t just make flavorful coffee full of the usual stimulants associated with the bean; they make vitamin-enriched coffee. Now your java break has the potential to be health-giving, not merely stimulating. AlphaMind Mission At AlphaMind, they use only the best beans from a single place of origin. Their goal is to get people ready to do great things each day with their coffee by getting “charged up” in the right way. Stimulation from caffeine alone won’t do it; nor will their 100%...

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Fleet Feet Sports Greenville, SC

Head on into the new Fleet Feet Greenville store and power up with our premium vitamin coffee! Check in at the store for exclusive AlphaMind discounts when you participate in the 'AlphaMind Morning Run'! Posted by AlphaMind Vitamin Coffee on Sunday, April 10, 2016

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AlphaMind Oreo Coffee Protein Shake

Recipe: Created By Katie Crewe Nutrition & Fitness 1.25 cups almond milk  6-8 cubes frozen AlphaMind Vitamin Coffee 1 tbsp coconut cream 1 scoop chocolate whey protein Topping: canned coconut cream (and Oreo crumbles ?)

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