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Recently I have seen a ton of post about a new vitamin coffee brand “Alpha Mind”. I wanted to know what the hype was so I decided to test it out! My package arrived on Friday and on this finnnneee, lovely Monday morning I decided to test it out!  The packaging was so cute! It says on the top.. ” Coffee is one of the finest sensory experiences you can enjoy. Your just smelled the aroma of accomplishment” I thought it was a great reminder to get threw the week!


Work hard and drink some vitamin enhanced coffee! They sent a sample of “Jamaican me Crazy” and the Columbia Light Roast. I brewed it in my Ninja Coffee machine. I love that thing. I made it over ice for my morning drive to work.

While I was getting ready, I start brewing a full pot. I could smell the great aroma and I instantly was excited. I poured myself a cup to drink while I finished getting ready. It was amazing. I woke up, I felt empowered. I was ready for whatever the day brings. I felt focused threw the whole morning. I did lack my normal hunger and barely ate breakfast but that could be because of the big BBQ we had the night before!! I had no crash and I was alert and thinking clearly the whole morning. I thought I was needing to cycle off the caffeine because I was crashing at about 2 pm everyday last week but this kept me going!!

I read the label on the coffee package and saw it really did contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals. What I found really cool was the iron that was added in. My mom has iron deficiency so I might let her try my sample pack! There were a good amount of B vitamins, niacin and CALCIUM. Which is good for me because I am lactose- intolerant. There is even Potassium in this coffee!


The employee’s where great and customer service fantastic!! The shipping was FAST !! Its free shipping with $24 +. I love instant gratification so this was exciting!! I was thrilled to have within 3 days of ordering! The personalized note made me feel important and the extra sample of the flavored coffee was so nice !! Overall, this coffee is worth having to order. I feel motivated to accomplish things during the work day. The company really is worth standing behind and they are soooooo freaking nice!!!!! I think this coffee will help me kick my Starbucks addiction! THAT IS SAYIN’ A LOT! If you are interested in trying this out the link to their website is below. You will not regret trying this stuff out.

coffee machine

(as you can see above, I always try all kinds of coffee! )

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