Vitamin Coffee Targets Workout Enthusiasts

The New Vitamin “C”: Vitamin Coffee Targets Workout Enthusiasts
Clinical studies have shown that coffee improves speed and respiration (2), psychomotor function (3), and fat oxidation (4). Now, manufacturers are optimizing coffee formulations to improve athletic performance. AlphaMind Vitamin Coffee founder John Waldon (Greenville, SC) says that he’s aiming to create the “Gatorade” of coffee.

AlphaMind coffee contains B vitamins to promote muscle gain, potassium for maintaining electrolyte balance, sodium for regulating nerve function, and iron to stimulate red blood cell production.

Says Waldon: “We saw a gap in the market for a coffee that appeals to workout enthusiasts. Folgers and Maxwell House are for 50-year-olds who don’t care about what kind of coffee they’re drinking. We’re targeting 20-somethings who live an active lifestyle.”

Waldon says younger consumers are looking for more convenient workout supplements. “There are other functional coffees out there, like Bulletproof – but Bulletproof is a smoothie that you have to prepare. [Consumers are living] fast-paced lifestyles and just want to make a cup of coffee.”

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