Feel Good About Caffeinating

So you’ve seen Alphamind coffee on your social media feeds and thought, “Do I really need vitamin infused coffee?” The short answer, is no, you don’t – but trust me, once you try it, that calculus will change.  Think of Alphamind as the luxury car of coffees; the carefully blended vitamins enhance the existing benefits of, and allow you to enjoy your coffee more than you would think possible – just as a luxury car enhances your driving experience. More? They’ve got light, medium, and dark roast varieties at the same cost as a bag of Starbucks or Dunkin.
I’ll be the first to admit that my multiple daily cups of coffee get me going in the morning and keeps me going during those senseless meetings that bring your IQ points down a notch. However, like many of you, I’m prone to headaches, sluggishness, and irritability when I’m overtired – regardless of how much coffee I drink.  This is where Alphamind really shows what it’s made of, pun intended.
They’ve added B Vitamins to help not only absorb and metabolize the caffeine, but also the other nutrients you digest throughout the day; read, it makes what you eat and drink go farther and do more.  They’ve also added Potassium, a key mineral and electrolyte necessary for cell, tissue, and organ function.  This, coupled with Alphamind’s foresight in adding iron, helps to keep your blood oxygenated, nerves firing on all cylinders, and muscles operating at full throttle.  Sure, i’m still irritable after leaving a pointless meeting, but my days of headaches and sluggishness ended with my first order.
Article By: Whiskey & Things

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