"Coffee is my middle name. If I’ve had the chance to meet you, or you’ve known me for years, yes I am a coffee diva, and if there was such thing as a coffee IV, I would have one. From dark roast to light, flavors and strength, I consume 2-4 cups daily and that is just a good way to kick start the day.
A new favorite coffee that pairs perfectly with my daily routine is Alphamind Coffee. Brewed on the motto of preparing and inspiring people to accomplish each and every day to their fullest potential, Alphamind pairs vitamins and coffee for your daily intake. The combination of 100% Arabica beans, Potassium, Sodium, Iron and B Vitamins, is just enough to wake up, brew a pot and take on the day.

Try some for yourself with this limited time promo code “THELADYK” via Alphamind Coffee
A secret hint….the Jamaican Me Crazy makes me just that….crazy for coffee. Talk about delicious and just strong enough to give you that kick you need. Thanks Alphamind!"


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